Why Macstorm is a better solution than the original Mac ?


Our product is usually two or three times cheaper than the price of a comparable Mac! The big advantage is also the possibility of a low-cost upgrade or service components


MacStorm is equipped with highly efficient components that ensure greater speed than the Mac Pro and leave far behind the iMac.


MacStorm is an open design ideal for expansion. It is possible to exchange the processor, memory, graphics card and other cards on the PCIE. The housing will put a lot of disks and drives.

Operational Life

MacStorm as a desktop on solid components is virtually trouble-free. Every Mac because of construction errors is at least several times more emergency.

Full compatibility with the operating system Mac OS Sierra or High Sierra.

Just press the power button to work under the latest Mac OS Sierra or  High Sierra . Macstorm is 100% compatible with the software under Mac OS .
You will not have to spend a fortune on your computer to enjoy with popular applications under Mac OS . Final Cut, Aperture, Logic, Adobe package and many others uses the power of MacStorma. Do not ask “what is not compatible” – because simply there is no such option. Each program will be compatible and its speed will depend on the particular version MacStorma.

Large supply of power we need

Computing power, of course, translates into a very efficient and comfortable work. Macstorm is equipped with the latest generation of processors Intel’s four-core Core i5 and i7 and i7 6-core Broadwell-E. What is worth noting usually we use the K series processors whose parameters allow large overclocking. For example i7 6700 K operates with dizzying speed 4.8 GHz ! For small compact computers install dual-core Intel Core i3.

Graphics Card is also a strong point Macstorma. These are cards such as NVidia GeForce GT / GTX CUDA technology which they use advanced programs for video editing or graphics

The full set of ports, I / O

Each Macstorm comes standard with a full set of ports USB 2.0 / 3.0/3.1 , 1 GB Ethernet, BlueTooth, WiFi wireless card and optional FireWire 1394, and a memory card reader depending on the graphics card in version has 3 to 4 outputs HDMI, DVI, D-SUB or DisplayPort – it is possible for multi-monitor.

Ports Audio 5.1 or 7.1 standard including active HDMI AUDIO. As an option on request is possible to install the  THUNDERBOLT 3.0 ports in more advanced models MacStorma.

High performance hard drives with the enormous capacity and a very fast SSD

We use the company’s fastest HDD drives Seagate Barracuda 1 TB, 2 TB and 3 TB. Ideally suited for all applications including video editing when you need a lot of space but also relatively high efficiency. The operating system installed on the SSD offering Instant Start System and comfortable operation.

Optical Memory DVD / BluRay

As we know, once recorded data on the plate (good quality) have a much longer life than the data on hard drives or flash memory. This ensures that record to DVD / BluRay. MacStorm depending on the version can be equipped with a recordable DVDR or BluRay Pioneer reputable company.

Multisystem - the possibility of installing two systems running Mac OS X and Windows 7 or 10

The two operating systems on one computer? So it is perfectly possible, just make the second drive system. Macstorm was created to work with Mac OS , but it could work in Windows.

MacStorm refined in every detail

Sometimes the problem is in the details. We always wanted to MacStorm had everything that Mac computers and even more. It works so fully function sleep “sleep” mode, power saving processor speed steppe, audio output via HDMI graphics, full speed and USB 3.0 compatibility.
MacStorm is built with standard components and that means small upgrade or operating costs. You can use any PC peripherals such as printers, external drives, monitors, keyboards, etc.. Do you want to replace in the future disk or memory for more? No problem; you do it at market prices, you do not overpay ! Guarantee is for each component separately and not sealed by the housing, the user has full access to a computer and the ability to upgrade without loss of warranty.

Design the whole or elegance, quiet and functionality

As unique as Macstorm equipment has to be adequately present. Components  used in various versions Macstorm  have its own unique design and yet are extremely functional. Very easily replace drives, and adding memory will not require a visit to the service. Powerful yet very quiet cooling system ensures stable operation under maximum load and long life components.

Backup and support - strong qualities MacStorm

Because we do not earn on the service but  only on computers that we make sure that our customers even in extremely difficult situations he could handle alone. The computer is for work or for fun and not for service to stack up the shelves!
MacStorm Each is equipped with a backup copy of the system and basic software. Generally, it means that that even after formatting the disk can be restored to life MacStorm within 10 minutes! A copy of the system is not in some “cloud” only on the memory stick.
System Upgrade (on average several times a year, although this is not really necessary) done by downloading a new version Mac OS   and then install audio card or the network – we provide all drivers. If you have a problem, we can do it online, or in  our office.