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   Our company has almost 25 years has specialized in providing professional workstations for professional filmmakers, professional studios video or cable television. Our mission is to provide a video editing equipment that works for many years, and the only reason for exchange will be moving to even newer technologies.

The project under the name “MacStorm” was founded seven  years ago, and its aim was to complements our workstations for professional video editing on computers running Mac OS X. The idea proved so accurate that today we made “Macstorm” both for typical home entertainment or for professional work. We offer computers in 100% compatible of Mac OS X for graphics / video but also as a great computers for home use. MacStorm is not a product that you can buy in another store what more do not buy them in the Apple shop )

We do not compete only quality price, we do not treat computer as “throwaway” which in many companies is unfortunately standard. Therefore, if you are looking for a computer / workstation guided only by the price give it a miss our offer. Conversely, if you care about quality and want to be sure that we’ll work on this item until you get bored is the right place.
Each computer is a very smart design – there is no random components. In their selection primarily guided by quality and efficiency. The price is indeed an important element but may not affect negatively on stability and durability. Each workstation is tested for several days on a variety of often very demanding programs ..

Of course, a good and reliable computer is essential but much more important thing is his choice. Going into a random store with computers usually you find out that the best solution for you are the most expensive. The seller wants you to the power of happy (and perhaps himself by the way) and “telepathically” knows what you need, what you do and what you will be pleased … .Look is a bit like buying a suit without fitting.
Of course, our computers are fully customizable – that can be modified for example adding (or subtracting) drives, changing the video card, processor, and more.
So welcome to use our offer. If you find something for yourself is eager to answer any questions or concerns.


Regarding our history in a nutshell.

      Company was founded in 1992 and for a long time we dealt with sales of Amiga computers. We were one of the main distributors of equipment for these computers. Testing our equipment appeared in the then popular magazine Amiga magazine. In those days it was the only computer perfectly suited for video work. Almost every Videography experienced ones began his work with computer from Amigi.Pierwsze nonlinear editing cards (including VLAB Motion, PAR) was formed on the Amiga.

In 1996, when the computers of the PC appeared technologies borrowed from the Amiga, and in part from a Mac (including multitasking, separate processors graphics, sound, PCI slots and finally copied the Mac windowing system), it became possible to use this computer to work video.Wtedy also we started to submit first mount video station based on the DC card 30 and AV master.

In 2000, the first in Poland, we implemented Matrox video cards. Many stations on the basis of these cards are still used in different studios video. A lot of legendary RT2000 type cards or RTX100 works today. In 2006, the first stations dedicated to HD editing (in fact HDV) based on RT.X2 card cards distributed by Matrox video card we deal with today although they are no longer such an important product in our range as it once was.
In 2010, we delivered the offer and workstations primarily for the treatment of HD video card equipped with a Matrox MXO2, Matrox Mojito and companies BlackMagic. Since 2012 more workstations are based on the strengths of CPUs and graphics cards suitable for very demanding AVCHD format.
In our since 2013 There have computers compatible with Mac OS X. So currently we operate on two platforms, Windows and Mac OS X, trying to keep a balance.