New look Macstorm VIII 

A new case  for the Macstorm VIII in our offer. BeQuiet Silent Base 802 is a no-compromise chassis for professionals.
We know that more and more people are looking for something smaller.
But there are also users who want a “full-size” case. The advantages are undoubtedly. No limitations whatsoever the choice of cooling system, graphics card or more drives.


Macstorm Box a cheaper alternative

Macstorm Box is another model that uses newest 12th generation Alder Lake processors. Thanks to the new technology differences between between “home” computers and expensive workstations is getting smaller and smaller.. And so it is here. Basic processor i5-12400 allows us to freely work in several areas. But the version with a processor i7-12700 and graphics RX 6600 is as if we works on 16 core Mac Pro.
Yes with MacstormBox it is possible. Depending on your needs, you can expand this computer at will. The “economic” version of Macstorm, but the new technology gives it a professional character. On board is a native WiFi/BT card. Relatively small casing but it does not limit us.


Radeon RX 6600 faster successor to older RX 5500/5700

Another relatively inexpensive Radeon RX 6600 8GB card in our offer which is fully compatible with macOS Monterey. Affordable in the sense that it costs as much as older  constructions such as RX 580 or RX 5500XT. What is more, it is 50% faster than RX 5500 XT and not much inferior to RX 5700 XT. With this card, we no longer need to use older technology. The card is available for nearly all of the “bigger” Macstorms computers .


Macstorm VIII equipped with  12 th Gen CPU

Macstorm VIII is our first computer using the latest Intel processors and is now available! The basic version with i5-12600K processor (faster than i9-11900K) is even …cheaper than Macstorm VII.

A machine recommended for all who care about maximum performance without compromise. How does it perform on macOS? Very well in tests we get the maximum performance from ALL cores which translates into high scores. Intel’s new “hybrid” technology divides the cores into two types of P-Core and E-Core; the first work in turbo mode and the second in “energy saving” mode. It is this technology that makes this unprecedented performance boost possible.
All cores run at maximum efficiency, which is the basis for the performance of the Macstorm VIII. Special software enables this technology to be used in macOS Monterey as well.


12 th Gen Intel CPUs Alder Lake in Macstorm now

The new 12th generation Intel processors are now available at Macstorm. Currently there are three models of processors Intel Core i5-12600K, Intel Core i7-12700K and Intel Core i9-12900K. All have one thing in common – unprecedented performance increases of up to 50% over the older 11 Gen. The weakest of them  – Intel Core  i5-12600K (10 cores) is faster than  i9-11900K CPU.


Radeon RX 6600 XT 8 GB already in our store


We have been waiting a long time for this card or rather for macOS drivers that allow it to be used in macstorm. The card belongs to the same series as RX 6800/6900 XT and has comparable performance to RX 5700 XT. However, what interests us most these days is the price – comparable to the already obsolete RX 580 or RX 5500 XT. It is not cheap but at least performance is twice as good as the cards quoted here. The required system version is macOS Monterey 12.1 and higher.


11 th Intel Generation CPU now available for Macstorm Computers !



Some time ago….

9th generation Intel CPU  “Coffee Lake refresh ” now in Macstorm computers

A month after the premiere we have the latest 9 generations of Intel processors onboard Macstorm. You do not wait a year or two for new technology as in the case of Apple Mac . But you use it here and now – Macstorm is always technologically ahead. What’s new this time? The processors are dedicated to serious computing tasks, so there is no “budget” version here. So we have a six-core Intel Core i7-9600K 3.7 GHz about 10% faster than its predecessor. Then i7-9700 K 3.6 GHz Eight cores faster about 20% from the older generation. And this is probably the most interesting Intel   9 generation processor .It is not much more expensive than its predecessor, i7-8700K.

And   top model – Intel Core i9-9900 K 3.6 GHz –  eight cores and sixteen threads. Currently, processors are available as an upgrade in Macstorm Cube V, Macstorm IV and Macstorm Micro V.


Macstorm Book like MacBook

New laptops with Mac OS. This time it is an economic version dedicated to all who want to have mobile equipment with Mac OS but without paying a fortune) In a straight line it is the equivalent of a more expensive MacBook.

The i3-6006U processor and the Intel HD 520 graphics card give similar power as in the Appla product. The 8 GB memory and the 240 GB disk can be exchanged for a larger one – they are not “soldered” on the motherboard  as in the case of a MacBook. Other additions include a DVDRW recorder with the option of exchanging it for an additional disk and an Ethernet port. A 1920×1080 Full HD screen size of 15.6 “. So big and even very big compared to what’s on the MacBook. The world of mobile laptops with MAC OS has become available to everyone.


Intel “Coffee Lake ” processors bring  a more power to Macstorm computer

The new eight-generation Intel processors codenamed Caffee Lake set new standards.
This means a 40% increase in performance at similar prices as older generation processors! What’s more, they are natively compatible with MAC OS High Sierra 10.13.2!

Currently all Macstorms from the “top ” work on these processors. In practice, i3 -8100 processors are already quad-core and i5-8600K/i7-8700K processors have  six cores. This gives an amazing performance boost so far reserved for the pro segment or processors on the X99 or X299 chipset. While similar processors appear in the Appla offer in the summer of 2018, they are already standard on macstorm computers. A huge reserve of power and another argument to switch from the original Mac to Macstorm


Mac OS High Sierra 10.13macos high sierra

The new Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.1 is now available for Macstorm computers. The tests were very good and there is no reason to wait for further corrections. A very important change is  the new appla APFS file system. SSDs are automatically converted to this file system during installation. However, traditional HDD discs are left in the old HFS +. You will be able to choose between Sierra 10.12.6 and High Sierra systems for a while.

It is known that there will always be software that is not yet 100% compatible with High Siera. That is why we leave such a choice. But in general, we are focused on serving one target High Sierra system.


kaby lakeWe are going to the processors of the seventh generation Intel “Kaby Lake”

The current version of the Sierra system treats these processors as native and therefore 100% compatible with MacOS. The offer will include top quad-core versions like i5-7600K and i7-7700K  and dual-core i3-7100. And also a whole series of quad-core processors with like  i5-7500. You can expect a rate increase of around 10%.

It is not much but the prices remain the same. With the change of the processor we use new motherboards dedicated to these processors on the Intel Z270 / H270 chipset. It is worth knowing that the 7th generation Intel processors can also be used on older boards with the Z170 / H170 chipset after prior bios upgrade. The first Macstorm model using new processors is the Macstorm Micro IV.


Macstorm EC III

Macstorm EC III it is another slim desktop computer. Now equipped with the seventh generation processor Intel i3-7100 Kaby Lake. Relatively low price, good enough for home use or graphics processing that does not require high computing power.

Built on the basis of the Micro ATX board, there are many possibilities for further expansion. You can successfully upgrade to 64 GB of memory, replace the graphics card or processor to more efficient.

In this compact case we can install up to four 2.5 “and 3.5” drives or three disks and one optical drive. Ideal for people looking for a much more powerful machine than the Mac mini but with more possibilities for the future. Operating System – MAC OS Sierra 10.12.6.


pico2alfaMacstorm Pico II

Macstorm Pico II is a new product in our offer. Not only works like a Mac but it also looks like MacPro!

The original cylindrical casing can successfully fit three 2.5 “drives or two 2.5” drives and one 3.5 “drive. The standard version is equipped with the latest Intel Core i3-7100 dual-core processor Kaby Lake, but it can successfully convert to Intel Core i5 and i7 quad-core processors. The NVidia GT 710 graphics card suffers from basic tasks, the more demanding is the dedicated NVidia GT 1030.

Ideal for home use with great expandability. Two large 12 cm fans provide good cooling and what is important is quiet.


New Nvidia Pascal graphic cards for Macstorm


New generation of NVidia Pascal graphics cards now available on Macstorm! Long-awaited cards are now available for Mac OS Sierra users – thanks to the special drivers of Nvidia’s manufacturer.
Katy Nvidia GTX 10 series is one of the most powerful graphics chips on the market. Their performance is on average 30 to 40% higher than that of the older GTX 9 series.
In our offer will be available models GTX 1050 2 GB, GTX 1050Ti 4GB, GTX 1060 6GB, GTX 1070 8GB, GTX 1080 8GB and GTX 1080 Ti 11 GB. As you can see these cards are equipped with a lot of memory. On request it is also possible to install top models such as Titan Pascal and Titan Xp.


New Broadwell-E processors  for Macstorm Infinity III


 Broadwell-E     – These are new processors which will be in our offer from now on.
So far, two models are the six-core Intel i7-6850K 3.6 GHz and also the eight-core Intel Core i7-6900K 3.2 GHz. As you know, the chipset with the X99 chipset is capable of handling both the newer generations of Broadwell-E processors as well as processors.

Geekbench 4.0 score of Intel Core i7-6900K 3.2 GHz is about 29000 – more better than 12 cores Mac Pro 6.1 .
Motherboard  of Macstorm Infinity III is  ready for XEON type processors  including the most powerful 22 core versions!


lenovo3Macstorm Lenovo  III

This is another version of this branded computer based on the newer motherboard and third generation Intel I5-3470 Ivy Bridge processors. Consequently, performance is higher by 15% to 20% compared to Sandy Bridge processors in the second version.
The four USB 3.0 ports and expandable memory up to 32 GB will delight potential users.
The computer has two types of housings to choose from – a slim desktop that takes up little space on your desk (especially as a monitor stand) and a larger tower microATX housing. Four slots on DDR3 memory, four SATA 3 and SATA 2 slots – with the option of installing HDDs / SSDs or a DVDRW drive.
Basic graphics is the NVidia GT710 with the ability to upgrade to the GT 740 version. Refurbished product, or refurbished in perfect condition Lenovo computer plus new components such as HDD, memory, graphics card, wifi. Very good robust design calculated for many years of failure-free work.


It’s time go to MacOS Sierra – now on Macstorm


 MacOS Sierra     – From today you can order Macstorm computer  with this latest system. Major changes that introduced Apple have consequences; the oldest part of the original Mac (to 2008/2009) was deprived of support – that is, you can not install them Mac OS Sierra.
But  all our Macstorms remain compatible with the new Sierra. The exception applies to graphics cards GT620 / 630 have lost their support and the current offer will be replaced by GT 710/730 . MacOS  Sierra is stable and is available with every version of Macstorm. On request, it will be possible to install OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan – the final version of the system for those who do not want to update the software.


Macstorm Thunderbolt  III


 Macstorm Thunderbolt  III    – is newest  version of a workstation equipped with a Thunderbolt port, this time in the latest version 3.0.

Thunderbolt 3 has max speed up to 40 MB / s! The increase in computing power on a platform Skylake is not the only advantage of the new model.  Fast memory DDR4 memory with an option to expand up to 64 GB and additional ports for ultra-fast SATA Express and M.2.

This version Macstorma is based on the high-end motherboard recommended for the hard work and extreme “overclocking”.

Very powerful graphics card NVidia GTX 960 4 GB supports multiple graphics applications / video.

Traditional already in this model case of Fractal Design Define R5 with unlimited option to install the most efficient cooling systems. Plenty of room for additional drives or drives. The comfort will ensure ultra-quiet power supply BeQuiet and powerful cooler Thermalright  “macho”.


 Macstorm Micro III – time for Intel Skylake


Macstorm Micro III   –the first model of Macstorm’s  with the latest Intel processors Skylake K i5-6600 3.5 GHz and 4.0 GHz i7-6700K.

The new generation of processors, of course requires a new motherboard – in this model chipset Intel Z170. Memory DDR 4 expandable to 64 GB and additional connectors Sata Express for quick drives. It is worth noting that the chipset Intel Z170 holds up to 20 lines PCI Express 3.0 is important when connect  fast SSD type M.2.

Can expect more performance relative CPUs Haswell – from 5 to 10% depending on the application. As the upgrade is also available Skylake Intel i7-6700K 4.0 GHz. Skylake Intel platform is fully compatible with the version of OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan.

In addition, other components in Macstorm III micro remain unchanged.


   Macstorm Pico Fanless or absolute silence


Macstorm Pico   –the truly exceptional in every way. In comparison to the previous “prototype” changed housing – which in one of its versions is equipped with a passive cooling that is a zero decibels! A small box measuring 24 x 25 x 10 cm is extruded in one piece aluminum thick (4 mm!) .

The key to high performance is energy efficient 4 core processor series Broadwell i5-5675C 3.1 Ghz (OC 3.6GHz) and high-performance built-in graphics Iris Pro 6200. Thanks to the computing power of the komputerka is compared to the Mac Pro. The computer version of “fanless” was supposed to be not only quiet but in general devoid of any mechanical “coolers”. This is achieved by completely passive cooling based on heat pipe (heat pipe) and a massive aluminum heatsink.
Depending on the type of case we can instal 3x SSD, HDD 1 x 3.5 “drive and also slim DVDRW / BR!  ITX motherboard based on extremely durable components that meet exacting military standards. . There are four versions of the casing different type of cooling and the possibility of installing an optical drive.


Macstorm Lenovo II

Macstorm Lenovo II  – is the successor of Lenovo mini. Since its predecessor differ  that it is two times better in every aspect. Built on the third generation quad-core processors- Intel i5-2400 3.1 GHz and eventually can also be Intel i7-2600. The processor is almost two times more powerful than the “Quad” resulting in Geekbench result of 9250 points!
On the motherboard up to four slots for memory expandable to 16 GB, as well as two free PCI slots and two PCI Express with the possibility of installing additional cards. Regarding drives is the ability to connect to the motherboard 4 drives although it requires the resignation of the DVDRW drive. Small housing slim desktop with its original design as  Lenovo, can be set either horizontally or vertically. The computer is very quiet.
Refurbished product type – computer company Lenovo plus new components such as disk, memory, graphics card, WiFi.  The computer has the latest versions of Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3.


Macstorm EC


Macstorm EC   – a new “low-cost” computer in our offer, replaced Macstorm Cube EC and also exactly the same costs.

Mcastorm EC is built on the base plate Micro ATX and supports all processors on the LGA 1150. Four slots for expandable memory up to 32 GB, and PCIE/PCI  slots for any additional cards.

By default, your computer is equipped with one of the most powerful dual-core processor Intel Core i3-4170 3.7 GHz; performance at the level of 8000 points in the Geekbench tests. Possibility of upgrade to  intel i5 – 4460 3.2 GHz four cores processor. In this model, we use the built-in graphics card Intel HD 4400 whose capacity is larger than the Nvidia GT 620. There is also the possibility of installing an additional graphics card.

 Case  can serve as a “base” to monitor or become a “vertical” orientation. Contrary to appearances, the housing can accommodate up to 4 drives 3.5 “or alternatively DVDRW drive, or up to six  2.5” drives . A good choice for those who do not want to spend more money but want a reasonably fast modern equipment.


Macstorm Pico  – great power in the cabinet Mac mini


Macstorm Pico   is a small box with dimensions of 19.7 x 19.7 x 7.7 cm is extruded from one portion of thick and sandblasted aluminum. The key to high performance is a desktop version of 4 cores processor series Broadwell i5-5675C 3.1 GHz (OC 3.6GHz) and i7-5775C 3.3 GHz (3.9 GHz OC).  In the Geekbench tests achieve the results of the order of 12500 and 13500! It is the equivalent of the top version Imac 21 “or 27” and after upgrade CPU performance CPU similar to the Mac Pro.

Their main advantage is low power consumption (65TDP) – are an ideal for building miniature computers . Of course, in such a small package is not possible to use additional graphics card. Here again advantage Broadwell; it has the most powerful on the market  integrated graphics card Intel Iris Pro 6200. We classify it as something between Nvidia GT 730 and GT 740.

The computer has the ability to install up to three SSD / HDD 2.5 “. The maximum amount of memory to 16 GB on a standard DDR3 1600 MHz in two slots. The equipment is virtually inaudible thanks to  external power supply and a special version of the CPU cooler.  Made of high quality components.


The new generation of graphics cards

Currently, almost all computers Macstorm will be equipped with the latest generation of graphics cards. These are the NVidia GTX 750Ti, GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti.

They will replace the already GTX yet , the GTX 650 Ti, GTX 660 or GTX 760. The advantage of the new series of graphics cards chipset Maxwell is their superior performance. While you can usually count on a 20% performance increase in games such as this in the programs that use Open CL OS X, this increase is much larger.

Importantly the latest Nvidia cards are fully supported   to work on MAC OS X.


Macstorm Infinity III – the new edition of “conquerors” Mac Pro


Macstorm Infinity III  is the next computer in a series of “Mac killer” using 6 core processors with the latest technology Haswell-E. Version II X79 will no longer be available; motherboards on this chipset are already unattainable.

Infinity III is built on the motherboard chipset X99 LGA 2011 v3 supports latest Intel Haswell-E and DDR4 memory. How much is a developmental technology evidenced by the fact that on the motherboard supports up to 18 core Xeon E5-2699 v3, and the memory can be expanded up to 128 GB!

The basic version of Infinity III processor i7-5820K3.3@4.5 GHz performance achieved in the order of 29,000 Geekbench test, which is equivalent to 8 core Mac Pro. Replacing faster processor i7-5930K 3.6GHz@4.5GHz already approaching the 12 core Mac Pro. And all this for roughly 1/3 the price MacaPro!

The basic graphics card is the GTX 960 2 GB with the ability to upgrade to GTXa 980 Ti. The memory in your computer can be upgraded to 64 GB DDR4.Housing is the same as in previous versions – is tvery ergonomic  and has the best cooling ever) Even today, you can use the technology to which in the case of the Mac Pro you will have to wait a year or longer. The equipment will be available only with the latest Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.1.


Macstorm Cube  III – small as a  Mac Pro


 The new version of “cubes” is greater cooling capacity, improved ergonomics, and of aesthetics. Small housing ITX standard 27x26x31 cm Thermaltake is ready to accept even such demanding processors as i5-4690K@4.5 GHz or 3.6 GHz i7-4790 …

The appropriate temperature will take care of “miniature” version of cooling Thermalright Macho 90 and powerful 20 cm low-speed fan at the front of the casing –  silence guaranteed. The power supply is placed at the bottom of the enclosure and drives in special pockets near the wall. “Window” plexi can be the side or top of the cabinet. All very “airy” with the possibility of mounting a cooling liquid – perhaps this option also appears.

You can install graphics cards with a length of up to 29 cm and thus You may equip the computer even GTXa 970! In a small case will be space for two 3.5-inch HDDs and two SSDs.
The basic version is equipped with a quad-core i5-4460 3.2 GHz and 8 GB memory expandable to 16 GB. Power comparable to the iMac 27 ” but with more powerful processor i5-4690K@4.5 is  faster than the 4 core Mac Pro!


Macstorm II Micro – maximum power in a small package


Macstorm II Micro  is a great option for those who want to have a unit with the smallest possible size without loss of use of the most powerful processors (OC) and top graphics cards.

The clue to max power of   the Macstorm II Micro is Micro ATX chassis Corsairs Air 240. Thanks to efficient water cooling Maelstrom 240T opportunities to work with extremely over clocking processors are even greater than in larger enclosures with traditional cooling.

A large advantage is the extremely quiet operation. Water cooling is today the only alternative when the “little” of the computer you want to squeeze the maximum performance up to now reserved for large  computers. You can install video cards up to 29 cm or, for example GTXa 980 Ti! In special baskets we can mount up to six HDDs and SSDs.

Normally Macstorm Micro II is equipped with i5-4690K@4.5 GHz processor and graphics card GTX 960 2 GB. Maximum performance adding i7-4790K@4.7 get GHz and a graphics card GTX 980 Ti. Available housing colors are white or black.


El Capitan now available on all Macstorms !


Thunderbolt 2.0 for Macstorm II  now for free 


A limited number of computers with Thunderbolt 2.o for  Macstorm II ! When buying Macstorma II you can choose Thunderbolt 2.0 at no additional charge. The promotion involves replacing the motherboard on the most advanced with Thunderbolt 2.0. Because the board is standard E-ATX pays only for the larger housing; in this case it is Fractal Design Define XL R2.
Additional benefits of the board is 10 x SATA 6GTB / s ,  set of buttons on the board to facilitate overclocking the processor, PLX chip that enables its work four graphics cards at full speed and extremely efficient and durable black polymer capacitors.
As you can see from the gallery this motherboard is a high end hardware and what is important compatible with Mac OS X.
The offer very limited quantity so if someone wants to make a mega-blown “Mac”  must hurry up !



Macstorm  with the most powerful graphics NVidia GTX 980 Ti 6GB

GTX980TiMacstorm Infinity II remains have long been the most powerful and this is thanks to the processor whose power is greater than 8 core Mac Pro and slightly smaller than the version 12 of the core. But what if we have not only the most powerful CPU but also care about the max GPU performance? And here is one answer: the NVidia GTX 980 Ti 6 GB. The possibility of installing this card is now  available in the “big” Macstorms as an option.

Comparing the GTX 980 Ti card to the fastest graphics on Mac Pro or 2 X-Fire Pro D700 6GB of surprises. In both tests, Unigine Valley / Heaven Nvidia graphics is more than two times more efficient than two FirePro D700 !

In the next test Luxman (or OpenCL)  GTX 980 Ti is slightly slower than the 2 x FirePro D700 but by half faster than the 2 x FirePro D500. In a word, the results are sensational. If interested, I refer to the most recent test this card in Macstorm Infinity II. Similar results were obtained by installing the card in Macstorm II.



Update OS X Yosemite 10.10.4

There was probably the last update to the Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. It holds several amendments, among other things solves some problems with WiFi. Of course, all our computers already have this latest patch the system. Download from Apple


Housing Macstorm mini – Prodigy M reminiscent of an age now Mac G4 still enjoys great popularity. From today we offer new colors available. In addition to traditional can choose between: orange, green, red, blue and black with the logo of Nvidia. As part of the promotion for additional colors there will be no extra cost)



Macstorm Cube EC  or low-cost strong “Mac”

 Macstorm cube ec 5Macstorm Cube EC  is our latest product. The assumption had to be up cheap computer compatible with MAC OS X but with a relatively high processing power and expandability very large.
The plan went perfectly; efficient design based on the Intel i5-2400 3.1 GHz (Sandy Bridge) reaches a Geekbench score of 10,000 points! If this is not enough for someone to stand under the LGA 1155 processor enables the installation of each processor i5 / i7 series Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge.
The standard 8 GB of memory with the option of expandable to 32 GB, big and fast disk 1 TB HDD and graphics card NVidia GT 620. Each of these components can be in the future may upgrade.
Noteworthy is the small aluminum casing standard microATX (about 1 kilo weights!) – Successfully accommodate two 3.5-inch drives and two drives DVDR / BluRay. The ideal device for home and work that does not require the computing power at the level of the Mac Pro. Price at the level of 500 EUR or as much as you have to pay for the simplest model Mac mini, but Macstorm EC Cube is a machine comparable to the iMac in the price range of 1200 to 1400 EUR.


Test new graphics cards  GTX 970 and GTX 750

 Test new Nvidia graphics cards GTXa 970 750 4GB and 2GB GTX. These and other cards (GTX 960, GTX 980) next-generation chipset are Maxwell some time in our offer as an option. As shown by tests new chipset gives a really big gains on OS X Yosemite. In tests, Open CL (Luxmark), they are two to nearly three times higher than the GTX 650 series cards or GTX 770. New NVidia GTX 970 performs better than the GTX 780. In other like Unigine Heaven difference it is not that big but it considering the price it pays.
The new chipset performance cards Maxwell will not find in the original Mac. They are not natively supported by OS X. And with drivers from NVidia can be successfully installed in Macstormie! The basic versions as far Macstorm cards are supported natively by OS X. But if we are to achieve maximum graphics performance I would recommend the new GTX graphics cards.


MacStorm Infinity 2 with the latest  Yosemite 10.10.2

infinity2_resize_resizeMacstorm Infinity 2 is the most powerful unit that we offer. Comparable with the new 8 core Mac Pro with almost three times lower price! Now, with the latest Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 which performs brilliantly. On our site are already the most recent tests. Macstorm Infinity is one of the most reliable and compatible with Mac OS X computers. Offered for a long time based on the unique motherboard satisfy the most stringent military standards – or simply “workhorse” to work 24 hours a day.
In the meantime changed processors and currently is a 6 core Intel i7-4930K 3.4 GHz that can operate at a frequency of 4.5 GHz. It gives him considerable Geekbench score of 26000 or comparable succession of 8 core Mac Pro. Standard equipped with a powerful Nvidia GTX 780 graphics but depending on customer requirements can also be the newest GTX 980, and for those who put mainly on weaker processor such as the GTX 760. For fans of maximum expansion will add that the computer has expandable memory up to 128 GB and supports also 12 core Xeon processors.

MacStorm Thunderbolt

The offer is available the new MacStorm. In addition to top motherboard and high-performance components have a particular advantage –  THUNDERBOLT 2.0 ports running at speeds of 20 GB / s!

macstormthComputer Dedicated to advanced processing graphics / video. This is a powerful Intel i7-4790K who works in a set of clock to 4.9 GHz. The performance comparable to the six core MacPros.Motherboard really high-end components to ensure equipped with above-average service life.

MacStorm Thunderbolt is ideal for further expansion. We can be fitted with any graphics card up to GTXa 980. The album 8 SATA slots and thus the ability to connect multiple disks / drives. It is interesting fast port SATA Express 10 GB / s which allows the use of very fast disk directly to the PCIE bus. So just sturdy workhorse to work 24 hours a day.


The new  OS X YOSEMITE 10.10

yosemiteOn the Apple webside  appeared in the final version of the new OS X YOSEMITE 10.10. All models MacStorma are fully compatible with the new system.
On the other hand it is known that supporters of the system upgrade is more or less the same as opponents. Thus, the decisions of which version is to be installed in MacStorm leave our customers. By default, we remain at the OS X Mavericks who, after several updates is very refined and what is important to ensure maximum compatibility with powerful software on the Mac.
In any case, MacStorm give their all for each version of the system.

MacStorm Cube II – tamer of the Mac mini serwer

In our offer available starting today a new computer that is MacStorm Cube II. ITX computer compact with dimensions of 28x26x28 cm is dedicated to the for which the Mac mini server is more expensive and less efficient alternative.

cube 2 CPU inside a Cube is the latest generation of dual-core Intel Haswell who successfully i3-4160 is equivalent to the mobile quad-core Intel Mac mini. And what is important does not release during intense work!

Other parameters are already much better; GeForce GT 640 with 384 CUDA cores is at least 5x more efficient than Intel HD4000 in a Mac mini. OS MAC OS X 10.9.5 on a super fast SSD plus an additional 1,000 GB HDD. The housing fit in the remaining two additional hard drives. The whole is ready to upgrade  CPU, graphics card and memory.


Thunderbolt 2 is available in  MacStorm !  

We offer a new option or upgrade for MacStorm-  latest generation controller board with dual 20 Gbps Thunderbolt. Twice the data transfer rate compared to the first version and two Thunderbolt ports with the ability to connect up to 12 devices and three monitors displaying the image of the Intel HD4600 graphics. As tests have shown TH ports are fully functional on OS X Mavericks in addition HotSwap function. The motherboard as a high-end product offering above-average durability and expandability.
Upgrade to Thunderbolt 2 is available for MacStorma II and MacStorma II Pro for the price of respectively 170 zł and 120 EUR.

We are accelerating – Turbo 4.9 GHz for Macstorm

 Currently we introduce to the sale of new generations of the “Devil’s Canyon” for MacStorma – Intel i5 – 4690K 3.5 GHz and 4.0 GHz Intel i7-4790K. These processors in addition to a much higher nominal frequencies provide outstanding opportunities to work in Turbo mode. In MacStorm we use Intel i5 processor clocked at 4.5 GHz and the Intel i7 processor clocked at 4.9 GHz. This means speed increase up to 15% compared to the previous version! Thus, the cheapest version of Geekbench score MacStorma II is inevitably coming to 20000 which is comparable with the new 6 core Mac Pro.
And here’s the latest test program Geekbench 3.1.6 standard version MacStorma II processor Devil’s Canyon i7-4790K @ 4.9 GHz. Click on the exact test!
MacStorms with the new processors are now available in our offer!


Lenovo MacStorm mini – budget “killer” Mac mini

Lenovo MacStorm mini is unusual for our company equipment.

The idea was to build a computer that is compatible with Mac OS X as functional as the Mac mini (2012), but costing a maximum of 1200 zł. However, computer-based construction of new good quality components we use is not in the values that possible. So we decided to “extreme facelift” of the computer brand Lenovo (formerly IBM) “Refurbislenovomacstormminihed” means the recovery but in perfect condition.

On the one hand it gives a guarantee of reliability, on the other allows to obtain performance comparable to or even exceeding for graphics Mac Mini. This Lenovo hardware “unbreakable” and certainly outlive many a new Mac mini. Of course there is no comparison to the new MacStormów because it’s a completely different technology. But if someone enough power to Mac mini will definitely be happy.


  New online store and the new “power supply” 


Now Online store in the new version. In addition to buying s amych alone computers can also be freely configured for themselves the most appropriate MacStorma versions. The configurations of each model can be altered by adding, for example, a faster processor and better graphics card. The number of additional options are still being replenished. Surely such a system will make it easier to take decisions and to reduce the amount of questions like what how much it costs.
Currently there is a change of power supplies in some models MacStorma to Be Quiet Pure Power L8. These power supplies are as solid as the company OCZ but they still have the additional advantage – they are an extremely quiet. Be Quiet even amazes work culture and it is difficult to find comparable products. They are exceptional as MacStorm and that’s it.

MacStorm Raven – the Mac mini with a performance  of Mac Pro

ravenMacStorm Raven is an option for those who need a compact computer with the smallest dimensions that is something of a Mac mini, and at the same time do not want to give up power offered by large desktop units. MacStorm Raven is certainly not a Mac mini because it has larger dimensions 38 x 10.5 x 35 cm and weight about 6 kilos. However, in the class of small computers ITX is really special equipment.
As the only computer in the world with a height of 10.5 cm gives you the ability to install full-size graphics cards up to 760 GTXa!
The unique cooling system allows him to not only work with the most powerful i5 or i7 processor Haswell but also in turbo mode with a clock above 4 GHz. It is completed by the enormous capacity of the HDD 2 TB or 3 TB, there were still a place for SLIM DVDR drive. 
MacStorm Raven is an innovative design in excess of certain barriers which until recently were not to go for ITX computers.

NVidia GeForce GTX 780  –  from today available for MacStorma Infinity II

gtx780Finally, the long awaited and already fully functional under Mac OS X graphics card – GeForce GTX 780 3GB. This graphic monster has now 2304 CUDA cores which have been successfully used in the most demanding applications for graphics / video. It also offers full support for OpenCL. From today, the great power available not only for Windows users but also under OS X Mavericks in our top of the range product MacStorm Infinity II.


MacStorm Infinity II – now faster than 12 core of the new Mac Pro! Extreme overclocking version.

Well, it happened. From today MacStorm Infinity II is the fastest computer available under MAC OS X Mavericks! Speeding up about 20% allowed him slightly ahead of the 12 core Mac Pro and get first place in the ranking Geekbench MAC computers. 
Obviously this is not the case only thanks to native support for Intel i7-4930K in the latest version of Mac OS X. I need not add that computer course has been successfully tested stability and murderous hours of renderings. 
It is worth mentioning that the 12 core MacPro in the basic version costs over 30 thousand zł MacStorm Infinity II while only 11 thousand. So we have a machine THREE times cheaper and the performance of the CPU are nevertheless higher. While the graphics card GPU GTX 680 in many applications successfully ahead of 2X or even the GPU D500 D700. Anyway, you have been expected because the graphics / video card Nvidia monopoly is to die for. 
For the curious currently looks like Geekbench Mac computers to Apple provides a link 
On our site are already testing this machine – conqueror of 12 core MacPro – 
Here MacStorm Infinity II tests . 

 Speed up !  Infinity II after “lifting”


Since today models MacStorm II mini-MacStorm II will be sold with Intel i7 version K – allowing a substantial increase productivity. Because all components are of the highest quality MacStorma so I guess it makes no sense limited to the standard versions of processors, especially since the price difference is about 30 EUR. 
I recall that the difference in the speed of the K series processors with clock set for example, 4.2 GHz is 20% and with an even higher can be up to 40%. For example i7 4770K processor 3.5@4.2 GHz Geekbench row reaches 18,000. For customer convenience and safety of higher timing is handled automatically by the motherboard – not modify the Bios settings, changing only the CPU multiplier. This ensures stability and a very easy way to change the speed of the processor.
Our top line  MacStorm model Infinity II –  a straight line equivalent of the new Mac Pro Changing the covers. There is already the fifth version of this excellent company structure Silverstone – Raven RV04. This outstanding design and ergonomics as usual on his head emanating everything in topic cabinets are available.


MacStorm II Rack –   Mac Take a tour

In our offer appeared MacStorma version in RACK case.
rackServer housing 4U Codegen 500 19-inch rack of standard size, the target can be installed in rack cabinets. Robust “armor” design with a thick sheet true that many endure.  In the middle of a lot of space for the installation of additional drives, pocket or drives.
Recommended for professionals who want to take your Mac on tour. MacStorm 2 Rack has a very efficient cooling and relatively quiet which is important for this type of equipment. Parameters exactly the same as in the standard version MacStorma 2 can upgrade your graphics card or processor.
And here you can see exactly how MacStorm II Rack – Gallery .


MacStorm CUBE – a maximum of miniaturized desktop – no longer offer

In our offer from today for fans of very small “Mac” – MacStorm CUBE. How much can lessen the computer to simultaneously retains the basic features of desktop? cube
MacStorm Cube is the last word on the subject. Of course, do not come into play solutions used in laptops (like the Mac mini) – The computer must consist of commercially available, high-performance desktop components. Cube features a standard desktop ITX with a powerful processor i5 4400 3.1 GHz Intel Haswell, a pretty good NVidia graphics GT230 and a large 2 TB of disk storage and 128 GB SSD system. The power supply is powered by an ultra BeQuit 400W.
High-end housing is entirely made of brushed aluminum, minimalist design and very small dimensions make it can be the pride of any desktop.
Passive cooling system plus Ultra Quiet cooler in the power supply and processor that makes the device is an extremely quiet even at maximum load. CPU computing power greater than the Mac mini server version, the graphics card capabilities several times larger. Despite this, you do not have to worry about that after heavy use will refuse to work or starts to resemble a lawn mower as Mac mini. On board the latest operating system Mac OS X Mavericks.


Nowy MacStorm mini II – the same but different

MacStorm mini II – from the outside it looks the same the previous version. In the  MacStorm in contrast to the original new Mac to give the user the greatest potential for self upgrading your computer.
The idea is the principle of modularity means that almost every component can be exchanged for better or make another and the only limitation is the computer’s motherboard is searching for amacstorm mini new functionality MacStorm mini  which is already more than half a year we fitted it in semico standard microATX. This means up to three additional PCIe slots (in practice two) that can handle different cards. Another advantage is the possibility of DDR3 memory expandable up to 32 GB – thanks to four DDR3 memory slots.
Also increased the number of outlets that support SATA disks and drives – now there are six  and is the latest standard SATA 6Gb.
Maybe for a regular desktop computer are not any extra inventions but for a small compact Macstorma mini is pretty cool proposition. MacStorm-Mini II has an interesting housing resembling a Mac G4 times.
Housing is is the same – when it comes to dimensions or design – changing only the interior into more functional – after all unused space into something useful. And best of all – the price is the same)