F.A.Q or Frequently Asked Questions about MacStorm

1. Is Macstorm the original MAC ?

MacStorm is not original MAC computer in the sense that it is not produced by Apple, there is no design like apple or no the logo of the company. It is however 100% compatible with Mac platform and uses the same technology as the original MAC in conjunction with the operating system Mac OS 10.11/10.12
You can say that MacStorm is a MAC after some “tuning” which aimed to improve its performance, increase productivity, and also in relation to the iMac adapting it for continuous operation 24 hours a day with a maximum load. These assumptions as shown by tests were 100% satisfied.

2. Is TimeMachine a good solution for this hardware? What does your support look like in case of any problems?

You can use Time Machine just like any program that was written for MAC OS works just like the original Mac. However, in the event of a system disk crash when we have no chance of running MacOS, system recovery is problematic. Time machine does not copy us a hidden UEFI partition where there are basic settings to run Mac OS …
And in this case very useful is attached to the Macstorm system recovery software – Paragon Backup Recovery.
Even after completely reformatting the SSD system disk it is possible to recover the entire system plus the software within 10 minutes! System recovery is done by a program run from a USB pendrive that runs independently of the MAC OS. And this is the exact copy of the disk bit after the bit and not as in Time Machine a copy of the file, so the recovery is 100% and what is more available in the form of memory stick instead of the “cloud” to which we can not always have access when, for example, we do not have a connection with netem.
System recovery to another disk is also possible. In a word, the SSD drive can damage and  will  recover an unlimited number of times. You can also do yourself a copy of the disk after installing your favorite programs.
MacOS recovery does not require a visit to the our service , based on the  instructions the client is able to do it alone. So Time Machine is the best recommendation on every day but just a copy of macOS with  Paragon USB  gives you 100% guarantee of system recovery in every situation.

3.What is the situation when I want update system ? Suppose that a new patch comes out or OSX version, you can perform the update without any combinations as on the original Mac or required any special steps ?

With the latest operating systems like El Capitan or Sierra, update under one macOS is done automatically almost without user intervention. Basic and most important drivers are either natively supported by MacOS or modified by a bootloader. NVIDIA GT / GTX graphics drivers are provided by Nvidia for each new system update. After the updates drivers are downloaded automatically from the NVidia server and installed on a “click on and confirm” installation.
The exception (but not necessarily) is a WiFi card where a specially prepared driver is installed in a very simple manner described in the manual. For SSDs, it is also necessary to install Trim – also trivial by software  Trim Enabler. As you can see, updating your MAC OS does not require you to be more skilled than installing Windows drivers.
It may also be that the new version of the system will be updated without any modifications. There is also no need to constantly upgrade your system if everything is working properly. In case of problems it is also possible to install drivers remotely – for 6 months as a free option after 6 months for a small fee. We also provide information on how to do it yourself without having to visit the service.

4. What if when I change the graphics card (newest item) ? Must send computer to your service ?

NVIDIA GT or GTX cards are supported  by MacOS either natively by the system or (especially the newer Maxell and Pascal series) by drivers provided by NVidia. Normally, the replacement of the graphics card from the same series card, eg GTX 960 to GTX 980 does not require any user intervention. Replacing the card from the older series to the newer  GTX 960 to the GTX 1060, for example, requires a new driver version from NVidia.

Also keep in mind the latest Nvidia cards are only compatible with the new MacOS versions – there is no “backward”. For example, GTX 1060 is compatible with MacOS Sierra (and newer), but it does not work on older systems like ElCapitan.
Since installing / downloading a new NVidia driver from the server is a very simple operation – you can do it yourself. In a word, replacing your graphics card with a newer model (if compatible) does not require a visit to our service . But as always we can always do “on line” with TeamViewer.

5.What is the noise level in dB that station (MacStorm Infinity) at rest with no load and at full 100% CPU and GPU load after heating.

Noise level usually does not exceed 18 – 25 decibels – in the case are unusual huge low-speed fans 18 cm , on the processor highly efficient cooler Macho 140 plus low-speed fan.  Most of noise makes graphics card but this  is one of the quietest on the market.

6 . Can I install MAC OS system yourself on Macstorm ?

Installing from scratch MAC OS is not that easy and we do not recommend it though.
Macstorm has installed and configured MAC OS Sierra or El Capitan. It does not even have a copy of the system partition made with a special program to recover the whole system plus programs in a dozen or so minutes. Even after the disk has been reformatted, the system can be reinstalled within 10 minutes.

8. In the event of an upgrade or replace components can count assistance in choosing the OS X compatible hardware ?

Every customer who purchased from us MacStorm can count on advice on the possible extension of the machine, advice is free and unlimited in time.

9. Do you have post-warranty service?

Yes, yes, but hardware is configured and durable  so that the possibility of failure is minimized. We believe that the computer must working and not occupy  service and the client has a lot of interesting things to do than visit the service) There is also a MacOS copy of which can be recovered by yourself. Or the opportunity to help “remotely” via the Internet through an appropriate program such as driver installation or something of the sort – up to 6 months free then available for a small fee.

10. Can I use the Apple Store to buy software and use iCloud ?

Macstorm 100% supports any software available on the Apple Store. You can log into the store to your account and buy applications. Also iCloud is active.

11. I would like to install the older operating system Snow Leopard on MacStorm.

In the case of the new Ivy Bridge/Haswell series processors that are installed in MacStorm  Apple does not provide support for Snow Leopard. This means that both the original new iMac (Mac Pro)  and MacStorm are not compatible with this system. It is recommended to upgrade to version Mavericks 10.9 or Yosemite  10.10. One exception is Macstorm Lenovo.

12. Do you offer the possibility to order MacStorm with FireWire 800 and Thunderbolt port ?

Additional FireWire 800 controller is available as an option on all MacStorm versions except Macstorm Lenovo / Cube for about  40 EUR.
The only model that has the latest Thunderbolt 3.0 ports is Macstorm Thunderbolt III. In Macstorm III you can upgrade to the Thunderbolt 3.0 motherboard. Other models do not have this option.
Thunderbolt 3.0 is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1.0 / 2.0, but requires a compatible adapter in the Apple Store.

13. Does it work the original mouse and keyboard Apple on BlueTooth ?

All BlueTooth devices Apple will  run on MacStorm. Our BlueTooth is fully compatible with Mac OS X.

14. I would like to change the graphics card in MacStorm mini and add a bigger SSD drive is it possible?

Yes, it is possible sale of MacStorm with another graphics card (NVidia GeForce GT/GTX), upgrade drive  for greater eg. 256 GB SSD or a faster processor. If you have any other suggestions then write, we will evaluate whether an upgrade is possible.

15. Is it possible to use on MacStorm two graphics cards in the DaVinci Resolve?

MacStorm successfully uses two graphics cards in this program. One to display and one for the calculation / rendering. This can be any two graphics cards  NVidia GT/GTX series PCIexpress – stronger is used for rendering.

16.What about working with multiple monitors on MacStorm ?
Both in a Mavericks as well as the Yosemite can be connected up to three monitors. In the new version MacStorm 2 is also activated built-in processor graphics card such as extra eg. Iris Pro. So,  each MacStorm 2 (except for Infinity and Lenovo) has two graphics cards – one internal and the other is the NVidia GTX series. Interestingly can connected monitors both the one and the second graphics card. So, theoretically, you can simultaneously use up to six  monitors!


17. Where can I learn how it performs MacStorm ?

Quite a difficult question. Certainly not in the showrooms Appel – this is taboo and there will not get any information or they will be deliberately negative. In the case of products such as MacStorm where the price is more than two times lower than the original, no company will not allow themselves to constructive discussions or comparison. And not to place too MacStorms holders of satisfaction (previously 100%) because the customer has no way of verifying such texts; it is a cheap marketing ploy rather than a serious approach to the subject.
We believe that a good product will defend itself. On the other hand always on the our website are current hardware tests  & benchmarks as well as photos of real computers that are already working with our customers.

18. I've heard that Hackintosh are not stable and there are problems with them ...

We can only vouch for our product MacStorm that works very stable) is a professional equipment that has proven itself in the real work of multiple users. It is an important advantage – each his version is built on the same proven components that ensure consistency of the product. Therefore, if many users are satisfied that is any next it will be.
Unfortunately, the world “Hackintosh” (some awful word) is hundreds of different configuration, each of which works better or worse or not at all. In addition, users agree to amateurs various types compromises no sound, USB 3, low productivity, etc, etc … Therefore, you can not say what percentage of “Hackintoshy” is fully operational “Macs” and how much is just his poor imitation. Because then you lose the main advantages of the Mac OS X, that is its stability, speed and comfort.
For this reason we try not to use the term “hackintosh” in relation to our product – one that is associated with amateur approach to the subject of two that’s difficult to define its value. And yet a third reason; why should we be responsible for someone else’s amateur fakes?
When buying MacStorma you can be sure that you buy a computer that nothing inferior to the original to Mac in some ways, this is even better.
Some long answer but there were a few such questions and demanded an explanation. In any case, the topic I will not come back because a waste of time.

20. Is a Mac is better than PC, and why that is, facts and myths ?

The question arises quite often and well worth it for him to answer. Not to mention here purely economic aspect although it is taken into account. We will focus on specifics. From the point of view of someone who has almost 15 llat uses Windows (and other) definitely worth it.
Apart from the operating system itself is the same as PC applications work better on Mac OS X. An example would be Adobe Premiere CS6 and work on a very compressed AVCHD video material.
At exactly the same software and the same computer MacStorm everyone will notice the slowdown on Windows when working with AVCHD material – for Mac OS X it is noticeably better. Better is a program responsiveness and everything “happening” faster. While the purchase of even more powerful PC configuration gives much the same transition to Mac OS X solves this problem and work becomes more comfortable.
Such examples I could give a lot. And this is not just a theoretical opinion what if someone knows through both systems and is able to compare. I think that it is worth it to take into account when consideration Mac or PC.

21. Can I install in the MacStorm two graphics cards?

Yes it is possible. MacStorm with the exception of the mini version can successfully operate at two or even three graphics cards. Some of the programs that the vast majority do not. In any case, support multiple graphics cards is supported natively in Mac OS X. Currently, each MacStorm has essentially two graphics cards: one for PCIexpress and the other built-in processor. Both are supported in Mac OS X and it’s possible to work on both tabs multi-monitor up to 6 monitors.

22 . What about working with multiple monitors on MacStorm?

It depends on the graphics card that your Macstorm model is equipped with. The minimum, for example  Nvidia GT 710/730 cards are two DVI / HDMI monitors. The GT 740 in the Macstorm Cube is capable of connecting three monitors. Higher Macstorm models with GTX 1060 boards  can support up to five monitors  1xDVI, 1 xHDMI, 3 X DisplayPort.
In almost every Macstorm model we can install more advanced graphics cards. Nowadays, the ability to work with three or four monitors connected to a desktop computer is already standard. Another issue is the max resolution supported   but about this in another question 23.

23. Can Macstorm connect to a monitor with a Thunderbolt input?

You can connect such a monitor, for example Apple Thunderbolt Display to Macstorm Thunderbolt III, which has two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports as standard.
Apple uses the DisplayPort 1.2, which is integrated with the Thunderbolt 2.0 / 3.0 port. In Macstorm, one TH3 port is connected to the DisplayPort integrated graphics card  Intel HD 530. The second port is capable of displaying the DisplayPort signal from the GTX 1060 graphics card (or otherwise). We just connect the DisplayPort (mini DP-DP) cable to the GTX 1060 with the mini DP in port on the motherboard. The second TH3 port gets an image from the GTX 1060 graphics card.
Finally, we can connect two Thunderbolt monitors up to 4K resolution; One to  the GTX 1060 graphics card and  other to the integrated Intel HD 530.

Because of the limitations of the DisplayPort 1.2 standard, it is not possible to connect a 5K monitor. Mac Pro uses   two Thunderbolt ports which together give a picture of 5 K. For those interested, it is possible to install a special PCIE TH3 card where it is possible to connect two DP ports from a graphics card to TH3 port  to obtain a 5K resolution.

24. Does Thunderbolt 3.0 in Macstorm work with all Thunderbolt 1.0 / 2.0 devices?

Thunderbolt 3.0 ports work very well with all devices that are compatible with this standard, and are backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1.0 / 2.0. We test and check Hard disk arrays, video cards, ethernet cards, FireWire 800 and others,
The only difference is the lack of “hot-plug” feature – all devices must be hooked to the computer before system startup. Please note that Thunderbolt 3 has a USB-C slot other than TH version 1.0 / 2.0. To connect older Thunderbolt 2.0 devices, you need to have a special adapter. The below was tested with good results.


The adapter does not support DisplayPort monitors. For this purpose you can get third-party adapters (eg HAMA) TH3 / USB-C to DisplayPort or HDMI.

25. How does iMessage work , can I send messages to iPhone ?

IMessage is the only thing whose operation is not guaranteed on Macstorm. In principle iMessage is a kind of subscription that buys an appla client along with a computer.) So it is  assigned to the original Macs…

Apple recently consistently blocked this service on non-genuine MacOS computers. Even if it works in a week or a month it may stop working. And unlocking involves the phone to support the Appla and proving that our computer is the one with the apple on the cover.)

26. I want to install additional OS Windows 10, BootCamp is supported on Macstorm ?

BootCamp in Macstorm is not needed. It is used on original Macs that do not have a  typical  PC Bios, so they need additional software.  We can  install Windows exactly the same as on a regular PC . You only need an additional SSD/HDD drive  for Windows; Installation on the same disk as MACOS is not recommended.  Included  all necessary  drivers to install Windows 10, 8 or 7. It is also possible to order a computer with Windows already installed.

27. What keyboard and mouse for Macstorm ?

There are no keyboards or mouse  for the simple reason; The choice is so huge that it makes no sense to impose something for  the customer. All USB/BT PC keyboards  and mouses are supported . We recommend Logitech which has top quality products, especially wireless mouse and keyboard.

28. Does the original apple magic mouse 2 and magic trackpad 2 work on BlueTooth?

Apple devices Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are closely related to the equipment of this company, specifically the BlueTooth model used by this company. Ordinary BT can operate but does not support advanced features such as gestures, and there may be communication problems. All interested, we recommend to purchase the original “appliqué” WiFi / BT 4.0 module in the form of an additional PC card or M.2 card for smaller models. Macstorma. These cards are available in our store in the form of an upgrade for about 40 EUR.
In addition to 100% compatibility with BlueTooth Appla devices, they have native WiFi that does not require additional drivers.