F.A.Q –  Frequently Asked Questions about MacStorm

Is Macstorm the original MAC ?

     MacStorm is not an original MAC in the sense that it is not manufactured by Apple, it does not have a mac case or the company’s logo . Instead, it is 100% compatible with the MAC OS platform and uses the same technologies as the original MAC in combination with macOS Monterey or Ventura operating system.
Macstorm was created as a cheaper alternative to expensive Appel computers. Unlike the Mac, it is an “open design,” meaning it allows easy replacement/expansion of basic components like memory, disk , graphics or in some cases the processor. These components are cheap and readily available which translates into low cost of service. So in a word, Macstorm has everything that the original Appel computers lack.



What is the situation when I want update system ? Suppose that a new patch comes out or macOS version, you can perform the update without any combinations as on the original Mac or required any special steps ?

    Here we have two situations . Namely, updates (even five or six times a year) of a given system e.g.Monterey and Upgrade to the next version of the system which usually comes out every year.

In the first case, the upgrade proceeds as on the original Mac, that is, we download the upgrade from the Appel website and simply install it. All additional drivers and settings are stored in a hidden EFI partition, which means that there is no interference with the macOS system files – it remains the same as on the original MAC. That is, a system update will not cause that some additional driver or setting will be removed and thus it will not be possible to run macOS. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, including a special bootloader, the upgrade within a one macOS  does not require any additional action on the part of the user.

The second case is an upgrade, for example, from Monterey to Ventura . Such an upgrade can be successful, but there is no 100% guarantee because sometimes it is required to change the version of the bootloader or use newer versions of drivers . You can do in our service for a small fee or “remotely” that is by downloading from our server ready-made backup  image. It is worth mentioning here that all our computers are hardware compatible with future versions of macOS . Even on computers from 10 years ago we can install the new macOS ! Exceptions include, for example, components for which Apple (or the manufacturer) has not provided further support such as nvidia graphics cards in newer systems.

Can I install MAC OS system yourself on Macstorm ?

      On request, we can prepare for a given computer a macos installation pendrive with an EFI partition where all the settings and drivers needed for the installation are . And here the installation “from scratch” proceeds exactly as on the original Mac. That is, you can do it yourself without any experience in this subject .
Macstorm has macOS installed and configured . Not only that, it has a second identical system on a flash drive which we can run at a critical moment . After booting macOS we can clone the system with CarbonCopyCloner to any drive. So even after formatting the disk the system can be installed from scratch in 10 minutes.

Can I use the Apple Store to buy software and use iCloud ?

     Macstorm 100% supports any software available on the Apple Store. You can log into the store to your account and buy applications. Also iCloud is active.

Does it work the original mouse and keyboard Apple on BlueTooth ?

       Apple devices like Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad are 100% supported only on the original Mac and on a Macstorm equipped with a native WiFi/BT module. Ordinary BT can work but does not support such advanced features as gestures   , besides there may be problems with communication . That’s why almost all macstorm models have the original apple WiFi/BT 4.0 module in the form of an additional card on PCIE or M.2 type card . In the case of some cheaper computers like Macstorm Lenovo IV these modules can be purchased as an upgrade .

Also apple keyboard on the original BT works from the start of the computer ie you can, for example, enter the bios. In addition to 100% compatibility with Apple BlueTooth devices, these cards do not require additional drivers, that is, they work plug & play.

How does iMessage work , can I send messages to iPhone ?

     In principle, it works almost always as long as but it can happen that Apple blocks this service. iMessage is a kind of subscription that an Apple customer buys together with the computer . That is , so to speak , it is assigned to the original Mac . But if it stops working it usually helps to change some data in the definition of the mac . You can do it yourself – a fairly simple operation. The guarantee of imessage operation is, as usual, an important component of our computers – the native WiFi/BT card – here we can be sure that this service will not stop working.

I would like to install the older macOS Mojave or HighSierra ?

      The rule of thumb is that even very old computers (e.g., 12 years old) can install the latest macOS. On the other hand, on the latest generation of computers, the possibility of installing older systems is limited. Just like on the original Mac anyway (in Macstorm is with this a little better ). This is due to the fact that the latest macos drivers for chipset , processor are not present in older versions of the system. Apple does not go backwards !
So, for example, if you have a computer with a processor of 10 or 12 generations, you can successfully install Cataline , BigSur or Monterey. Installation of Mojave or HighSierra may no longer be possible. If for various reasons you need an older version of the system then write to us and we will see what we can do.

Going back to older systems you still need to remember that new graphics like RX 6600 will certainly not work on them . That is, you need an older generation of graphics cards.

I need Thunderbolt , what computer you can offer ?

   Currently there is such an option in the Macstorm VIII. It is an additional PCIe card with two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports . We can choose it as an additional option in the store. Proven hardware recommended, among other things, for various audio interfaces on TH. Also Macstorm NUC has one Thunderbolt port . We do not plan to introduce it to other Macstorm models.

I want to install additional OS Windows 11 , BootCamp is supported on Macstorm ?

     BootCamp in Macstorm is not needed for anything. It is used on original Macs which do not have a typical PC Bios and therefore need additional software. In Macstorm Windows is installed exactly the same way as on a regular PC standard computer. All you need is an extra drive for Windows; installation on the same drive as MACOS is also possible, but you need to know how to go about it. The kit includes all the drivers needed to install Windows 10 or 11 . It is also possible to order a computer with Windows already installed.

In the event of an upgrade or replace components can count assistance in choosing the macOS compatible hardware ?

 Any customer who has purchased a MacStorm from us can count on advice on possible expansion of this machine, the advice is free and unlimited in time. Many components can be replaced/added by yourself (this is not a mac). We can easily install any SSD/NVME , add memory or replace the graphics card with a better one..

Do you have post-warranty service?

     Yes the equipment is configured in such a way that the possibility of failure is reduced to a minimum. We assume that the equipment has to work and not “lying around” in the service.
There is also a copy of the system which you can recover yourself. Or the ability to help “remotely” via the Internet  such as driver installation or something like that – up to 6 months free of charge then available for a small fee.

What if when I change the graphics card (newest item) ? Must send computer to your service ?

    Currently, as far as the Monterey or Ventura system is concerned, certain models of AMD Radeon cards are compatible – you can find them all in our offer . Self-replacement of the card to a higher model does not require installation of additional software – all of them are supported natively by macOS. That is, if you have a macOS-compatible graphics card, e.g. RX 6600 XT  simple install  this card in the PCe slot. Nvidia cards are no longer supported in Ventura. Native models of Nvidia cards (i.e. those that used to be in Mac) can be installed in macOS  up to   Big Sur – they do not require installation of additional drivers. With some modifications, they can be used in macOS Monterey.

Do you offer the possibility to order MacStorm with FireWire 800 ?

Additional FireWire 800 controller is available as an option on all MacStorm versions except Macstorm Lenovo/NUC.

Is it possible to use on MacStorm two graphics cards in the DaVinci Resolve?

    MacStorm successfully uses two graphics cards in this app. One for displaying the image and the other for calculations/rendering . These can be any two cards, of course, compatible with the given macOS version.

Can Macstorm computer works with 4k or 5K LCD?

      Every Macstorm model supports 4K resolution . The basic prerequisite for displaying 4K image is the presence of DisplayPort 1.2 or HDMI version 2.0. In the case of, for example, Radeon RX 6600 we have at our disposal 3 ports DP 1.4 and one HDMI 2.1. So we can connect up to four monitors with a resolution of 4 K It is worth mentioning here the older model of Nvidia Quadro NVS 510 card where we can also successfully connect four monitors with a resolution of 4K max.

To get a 5K image we must have a card with Displayport 1.4 ports . All cards in the RX 6600 series meet this requirement.

And how is it with Intel graphics cards (in the processor) ? Here it depends on whether there is DisplayPort 1.2 on the motherboard . For example, in the case of Macstorm NUC, we can get a 4 K image on a single monitor. A 5 K image will not be obtained.

Also keep in mind that the minimum (and sufficient) image parameter for comfortable operation is 60 frames per second. HDMI 1.3/1.4 or DisplayPort 1.0 standards give us only 24/30 frames at 4 K .

Of course, the theoretical possibility of connecting, for example, four 4K monitors will give us four static images of very good quality, but the efficiency of 3 D operation is four times lower counting on each monitor. So we are unlikely to play comfortably .

Is TimeMachine a good solution for this hardware? What does your support look like in case of any problems?

      You can use Time Machine just like any program that has been written for MAC OS it works the same as on the original Mac. However, if the system disk crashes when we don’t have the ability to run macOS recovery is problematic. Time machine will not copy us the hidden UEFI partition where the basic settings to run Mac OS are located….

That’s why we add a fully working alternative system to each computer on a flash drive. This is a “mirror copy” of the system . We can boot macOS , copy the system to another drive using a special program or…just work on it (however, it is too slow as a flash drive) . What’s more it works always and in all conditions. Regardless of whether the system disk is working or not and whether we have access to the network. Without wasting time on time-consuming installation of the system from scratch.

In a word, the system on the SSD/M.2 drive can be “spoiled” at will and recovered an unlimited number of times. You can also make copies of the disk yourself after installing your favorite programs. The recovery itself does not require a visit to the service center, based on the comprehensive instructions supplied with the computer, the customer is able to do it himself. So Time Machine is highly recommended for everyday use, but only a copy of the system on USB gives a guarantee of 100% system recovery in any situation.

What about working with multiple monitors on MacStorm ?
       All our computers have, depending on the graphics card, from two to four active ports like DisplayPort , HDMI or DVI. To each of them you can connect a monitor. So working with several monitors is possible.


I've heard that Hackintosh are not stable and there are problems with them ...

      We can only vouch for our product MacStorm that it works very stable ) It is a professional equipment that has been checked  in real work for many users. It has an important advantage – each version of it is built on the same proven components , which guarantee the repeatability of the product . Therefore, if xxx users are satisfied then every next one will be too.

Unfortunately, the world of “hackintosh” is hundreds of different configurations , each of which works better or worse or not at all. In addition, amateur users accept various compromises such as lack of sound, USB 3 , low performance, etc, etc… Therefore, it is impossible to say what percentage of “Hackintoshy” is a fully working “Mac” and how much is just a poor hardware.

On the other hand, when you buy a MacStorm, you can be sure that you are buying a computer that is not inferior in any way to the original Mac and at some points is even better. 

I would like to change the graphics card in MacStorm mini and add a bigger SSD drive is it possible?

       Yes it is possible to sell MacStorm with a different graphics card (from the series radeon RX) , replacement of the drive for a larger one such as 1TB SSD/NVME or with a faster processor. If you have any other suggestions then write , we will assess if the upgrade is possible.

Does Thunderbolt 3.0 in Macstorm work with all Thunderbolt 1.0 / 2.0 devices?

     Thunderbolt 3.0 ports work properly with all devices compatible with this standard and are also backward compatible with Thunderbolt 1.0/2.0. Disk arrays, video cards, Ethernet cards , FireWire 800 and others were tested. The only difference is the lack of “hot-plug” function, all devices must be plugged into the computer before booting. It should be noted that Thunderbolt 3 has a USB-C type slot other than TH version 1.0/2.0. To connect devices of the older Thunderbolt 2.0 standard, you need to get a special adapter. The one below was tested with good results.


The adapter does not support monitors with DisplayPort interface. For this purpose, you can get third-party adapters on the market (such as HAMA) like TH3/USB-C to DisplayPort or HDMI.

What keyboard and mouse for Macstorm ?

     There are no keyboards or mouse  in the offer for a simple reason; the choice is so huge that it makes no sense to impose something on the customer. And it fits exactly everything from the PC world that is on USB possibly BT. We recommend Logitech which has the highest quality products, especially mouse  and wireless keyboards. You can also find “mac” keyboards on the market, where there are characteristic keys for the system, but in practice it is rather irrelevant…

I need a ultra silence computer for my music studio .

       We do everything possible to make the work on our machines as efficient as possible and at the same time quiet.Therefore, we use efficient and at the same time quiet liquid cooling ,  silence power supplies from BeQuiet, slow-speed fans . Also semi-passive cooling of graphics is important here . Macstorm VIII here is a hardware that can confidently recommend.

Can Macstorm connect to a monitor with a Thunderbolt input?

    You can connect such a monitor, for example Apple Thunderbolt Display to Macstorm which has two Thunderbolt 3.0 ports as (PCIe card TH)
Apple uses the DisplayPort 1.2, which is integrated with the Thunderbolt 2.0 / 3.0 port. In We just connect the DisplayPortcable to the for example RX 6600  with the mini DP in port on PCIe Thunderbolt card .  Finally, we can connect two Thunderbolt monitors up to 4K resolution

Where can I learn how it performs MacStorm ?

    Certainly not in Appla store  – this is a taboo subject and there you will not get any information or it will be deliberately negative. In the case of products such as MacStorm where the price is more than twice as low as the original, no company will allow itself to have a constructive discussion or comparison. We also do not post the opinions of satisfied MacStorm owners ( 100% so far) , because the customer has no way to verify such texts ; it is a cheap marketing and not a serious approach to the subject.
We proceed from the assumption that a good product will defend itself. On the other hand, the site always contains up-to-date hardware benchmarks and photos of real computers that already work for our customers. You can also see how it looks in practice on our videos on YouTube channel.